Welcome to Dreamscape Design, creators of fine table top role-playing games! You may already know about the D100II System Reference Document and the AEON Project via the Gringle’s Pawnshop or Basic Roleplaying Central forums. If not, here’s a brief rundown of history since time began:

Once upon a time in 2010, a bunch of people in Gringle’s Pawnshop were bemoaning the fact that, while much of what had been out of print for many years was once again readily available in PDF format via DriveThru RPG and related online retailers, the original 2nd edition rules could only be had by scouring the second-hand markets and eBay. Why, given the large number of simulacrum games (or retro-clones, as they are also known) for the world’s most popular role-playing game that had been created using the Open Game Licence and D20 SRD, had no-one taken the Mongoose Publishing 1st Edition RuneQuest System Reference Document and done the same for the world’s most popular D100 role-playing system? Well, no-one had. So we did.

The result of that first drive was the D100II SRD. This is truly a retro-clone, in that it mechanically simulates the game play of the original 2nd edition of the game. It is also an editable document which can be used like any other SRD, freeing up 3rd party publishers to develop their own supplements and adventures under the OGL.

However, Dreamscape Design does not stop there. While it was an amazing trip into the history of the game, uncovering all sorts of quirky, forgotten, misunderstood-for-30-years or just plain elegant rules, it became increasingly obvious that a revamped version would have to be written at some point. There was just no point in trying to resist it. It would happen. And it is.

AEON will go back to those roots and re-imagine them. It will not follow the same path of evolution of the later editions, but instead chart its own course with an emphasis on crunchy yet streamlined gameplay. AEON will retain broad broad cross-compatibility with the extended D100 family of role-playing games, but it will bring something new and unique to the table top, too.

Stay tuned!