Work on the AEONS™ Starter Edition continues apace. This edition of AEONS™ will introduce the basic rule system, including character generation, mechanics, skills and combat; anything needed for the players to get into the game and run their characters without reference to the core rulebook. Best of all is the price: the AEONS™ Starter PDF will cost a grand total of $0.00.

AEONS™ Starter Edition will not include previous experience, magic, creatures, treasure or interior art – for these, you will have to refer to the core rulebook. However, it will include a copy of the AEONS™ Logo Licence agreement, so prospective licencees can see what is required (and it’s not a lot) if you want to produce an AEONS™-compatible product or fan work. Remember, AEONS™ is not an Open Game Licence product, and AEONS™ Starter Edition is not a System Reference Document. However, the licence couldn’t be simpler and you will find that, in many ways, it allows you to do more with AEONS™ than the OGL would.

As for the estimated time of arrival … well, Christmas would be nice, though it looks like things might just overrun a tad and a smidgeon. But keep an eye out for the D100II SRD v1.2!