The latest news is that AEON will become AEON:engine™. The reason is deceptively simple: the core rules are going to cover a wider range of fantasy/historical campaigns than the ancient period originally intended. So, AEON becomes AEON:engine™.

The decision came about because there are have been a number of related games brewing in the background to deal with later fantasy eras from dark ages through medieval to renaissance and early industrial ages , mainly to ensure cross-compatibility for later publications. The result has been that, in game terms, a more convenient cut-off “date” for the FANTASY AEONS™ book will be the invention of gunpowder. This will allow users the maximum flexibility in designing their settings while keeping the book down to a manageable size.

I say “deceptively simple” because this does mean a bit more work – but, hey, progress is never as fast as expected for these cottage industry projects so I’m sure it won’t have a significant effect in the grand scheme of things.

Thank you for your patience!