Since the release of the BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules and the Maze of Nuromen I’ve been plugging away at the expanded, not to say compleat, version of the game: BLUEHOLME™ Compleat Rules. This is going to take the vision of the Prentice Rules forward to 14th level. The book will be stand-alone, that is, it will cover levels 1 through 14 and you won’t need to refer to the Prentice Rules to play. But I digress – on to the progress report!

To paraphrase the original Blue Book: “At the referee’s discretion a character can be anything his player wants him to be … Thus, an expedition might include, in addition to the four basic classes and races, a centaur, a werebear, and a Japanese Samurai.”

In the spirit of Blueholme, this book throws open just about any race for use as player characters. Obviously, some will be more tricky to master than others; a gelatinous cube can be a real challenge to role-play! In the same vein, a troll is going to be a pretty powerful, if temperamental, party member. How does Blueholme handle this? Hey, that’s why roleplaying games have referees!

Did I say four  character classes? No, let’s make that five! So, that slight expansion out of the way, I’m now wrestling with that additional character class, the Witch. Promised in anticipation, yet never really realised in its earliest form. Hopefully this version will tick your OSR boxes!