There are now several places where you can join in the discussion of BLUEHOLME™ on the intertubes (links are now available on the right). Whether you have anything to say, questions to ask, requests to make, or just want to chat – check them out:

There is the BLUEHOLME™ Community on Google+, which has already spawned some healthy discussion and creativity.

Vincent Florio has kindly set aside a space on the OSR Gaming Forums for the hopefully not-too-distant day when work begins on Advenures in BLUEHOLME™, or “how to play Pathfinder by the Blue Book”. A special mention of Vince is due here – it was while I was editing his Mazes & Perils RPG that I was bitten by the Holmes bug.

Finarvyn collected all the BLUEHOLME™ threads in their own little corner of his fine Original D&D Discussion Forums, a great place for researching the original game as well as talking about BLUEHOLME™.

Finally – for now – the brand new forums set up by Mischief, Inc. includes a board for just about every OSR game out there – if your favourite isn’t represented, just head over there and ask. Of course, BLUEHOLME™ is there!