Time for another sneak preview on BLUEHOLME™ Compleat Rules – this time, the creature list as it stands now. By the way, the use of the word “creature” is deliberate because it no longer seems appropriate to call them “monsters” by default, given that any one of them might be a player character under the BLUEHOLME™ Compleat Rules.

As you are no doubt aware, some of the creatures in the list are there because they have appeared in John Holmes’s other writings. The insectoid dreenoi from the Starguard game, for example, which are included with the kind permission of John McEwan himself; or the species mentioned in Holmses’s fiction like half orcs, dark (or black) elves, and centaurs. The green grabbers are the ingenious interpretation of two monsters from Holmes’s Fantasy Role Playing book by the inestimable Zenopus. Some are creatures that show up elsewhere in the Blue Book but are not detailed in the monster section of the same.

So, at present the list stands at a tad over 100, not counting those creatures that have multiple types such as white, black, brass and red dragons, or the many species that come in normal, large and giant-sized varieties. The intent is not to bloat the list, but to stick closely to the source material. I’m sure I’ve overlooked some, so if you know of any please let me know and give me the source reference and your name, and your fame will be assured with your inclusion in the contributor’s roll call!

If you want to provide me with a complete creature including stats and a short description in your own words (please do not use copyrighted text!), and it is included in the Compleat Rules, you’ll not only be mentioned in the acknowledgements but you will also receive a contributor’s copy of the Compleat Rules PDF when it is released.

Ye Compleat List of BLUEHOLME™ Creatures:

  1. Allosaurus
  2. Angel
  3. Ape, Great (normal, large, giant)
  4. Ant, Great (normal, large, giant)
  5. Bandit
  6. Basilisk
  7. Bat (colony, giant)
  8. Bear (normal, large, giant)
  9. Beetle, Great (normal, large, giant)
  10. Berserker
  11. Black Pudding
  12. Blink Dog
  13. Bugbear
  14. Cat, Great (normal, large, giant)
  15. Cave Creeper
  16. Centaur
  17. Centipede, Great (normal, large, giant)
  18. Chimera
  19. Cockatrice
  20. Crab, Great (normal, large, giant)
  21. Deep One(frog people)
  22. Demon
  23. Djinni
  24. Dolphin
  25. Doppelganger
  26. Dragon (white, black, brass, red)
  27. Dragon Turtle
  28. Dreenoi
  29. Dwarf
  30. Elemental (air, earth, fire, water)
  31. Elf (high, wood, dark)
  32. Feline (cat people)
  33. Fish, Great (normal, large, giant)
  34. Gargoyle
  35. Gelatinous Cube
  36. Ghoul
  37. Giant (hill, stone, fire, cloud, mountain)
  38. Gnoll
  39. Gnome
  40. Goblin
  41. Golem (flesh, rock, stone, iron)
  42. Gorgon
  43. Green Grabber
  44. Green Slime
  45. Grey Ooze
  46. Griffon
  47. Half Elf
  48. Halfling
  49. Half Orc
  50. Harpy
  51. Hell Hound
  52. Hippogriff
  53. Hobgoblin
  54. Horse (light, medium, heavy, draft)
  55. Hound (normal, large, giant)
  56. Hydra
  57. Invisible Stalker
  58. Kobold
  59. Kraken
  60. Lammasu
  61. Lamia
  62. Leech, Great (normal, large, giant)
  63. Lich
  64. Lizard, Great (normal, large, giant)
  65. Lizard Folk
  66. Lycanthrope (wererat, werewolf, wereboar, weretiger, werebear, wereshark)
  67. Mammoth
  68. Manticore
  69. Medusa
  70. Merfolk
  71. Minotaur
  72. Mule
  73. Mummy
  74. Naga (snake people)
  75. Nixie
  76. Nymph
  77. Ochre Jelly
  78. Octopus, Great (normal, large, giant)
  79. Ogre
  80. Old One
  81. Orc
  82. Otyugh (replaces displacer beast)
  83. Owl Bear
  84. Pegasus
  85. Pixie
  86. Purple Worm
  87. Raptor (normal, large, giant)
  88. Rat (swarm, giant)
  89. Rust Monster
  90. Sand Worm
  91. Sage
  92. Satyr
  93. Scorpion, Great (normal, large, giant)
  94. Screecher (replaces shrieker)
  95. Serpent Folk
  96. Shadow
  97. Skeleton (lesser, greater)
  98. Snake, Constrictor (normal, large, giant)
  99. Snake, Poisonous (normal, large, giant)
  100. Soldier
  101. Spectre
  102. Spider, Great (normal, large, giant)
  103. Stirge
  104. Tick, Great (normal, large, giant)
  105. Toad, Great (normal, large, giant)
  106. Triceratops
  107. Troglodyte
  108. Troll
  109. Tyrannosaurus
  110. Unicorn
  111. Vampire
  112. Weasel, Great (normal, large, giant)
  113. Wight
  114. Wolf (normal, large, giant)
  115. Wraith
  116. Yellow Mould
  117. Zombie