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The first week of the BLUEHOLME™ Journeymanne Rules Artwork Kickstarter has been quite a ride. We breached the minimum funding level within 2 hours, and have now passed enough stretch goals to fund every last piece of art inside the book.

The limited reward levels for physical book PoD vouchers are all gone. There are new, unlimited pysical book levels at slightly higher prices which won’t break the bank. These are all vouchers, because the PoD books won’t go live for about 6 months after the PDFs do, to catch as much of any remaining errata as possible. It also means that Lulu coupons for free shipping and the like can be taken advantage of, which will substantially reduce costs for backers.

Another factor is that we have almost reached the first “out-of-the-book” stretch goal, those lovely character sheets by James V. West. Accordingly, I’ve added a new stretch goal, the Referee Repository. In the grand tradition of old school gaming, these will provide referees with, ahem, “ready reference sheets” to use at the table or in game preparation.

Please tell your friends, there are still 3 weeks to go – who knows what we can achieve!

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