Spiffing news! You, dear backers, have unlocked Stretch Goal #5 of the BLUEHOLME™ Journeymanne Rules Art Kickstarter, those splendidly illustrated character sheets by the equally-if-not-more splendid James V West! Six character sheets – one generic type, one for each of the four basic classes, and one for that perennial favourite combination class, the fighting mage (just as an example of the type of thing you can do with the Blueholme™ Journeymanne Rules). Who’s James V West, you ask? Well, he’s multi-talented, but this is why I’m hiring him:


Well, there is only one way to go now, onwards and upwards. The Referee Repository of indispensable tables for ready reference at the table and during game prep is up next, and I have identified a few other potential stretch goals which will add real, useful content without delaying the project. Every stretch goal we hit increases the value-for-money of your pledge. Get your friends, family, co-workers, and nodding acquaintances to back!

By the way, if you have any ideas for the type of tables the Referee Repository should include, now’s your chance.