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If you missed out on the BLUEHOLME™ Journeymanne Rules Kickstarter, don’t despair! Physical books are now available from the Lulu store – and you can get 20% off with the code LULU20 (ends 25 Dec at 23:59):

Dreamscape Design @ Lulu

My first Kickstarter has been a frantic time, although there were no major upsets along the way. All the goals were met and more, the feedback has been incredibly positive, and the physical BLUEHOLME™ Journeymanne Rules – the whole point of the exercise – have started shipping to backers. Some have already arrived, and it’s an indescribable feeling seeing your book pop up in people’s living rooms across the globe. So far books have gone out to the USA (of course), the UK, Norway, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, and more. The Prentice Rules have received a new layout to match their big brother, and they remain a useful table reference for players. One stretch goal has been delivered, the beautiful illustrated character record sheets by James V. West. The Referee Repository is almost there. There are still 2 PDF stretch goals to deliver, the Explorer Encounters and the Blueholme Brochure, but I hope they won’t take too long – then there is a long queue of adventures to edit, lay out, and publish.

Merry Christmas, and on to 2018!

Art Braune

Art was greedy – not shown are his 3 softcovers!