The Known World takes form thanks to the Cartography of Alyssa Faden. The artwork for the map is done, ready for labelling and all that stuff. What’s that red desert plateau in the north-west, you might ask? The one with the dried-up canals? The map will form part of the Blueholme Brochure, and also be available separately in various formats (full colour, black & white, unlabelled, players’ versions, etc.) … eventually.

blueholme 11x17 72dpi with border - new coloring

In the meantime, work continues on the Explorer Encounters. To give you a taste of the sort of thing you might come across, here’s a little exerpt (really old-school D&D gamers might recognise her):

A fire giant with four faces around her head. She can never be surprised, and each of her “left” eyes can see the invisible. Her excellent hand-to-eye coordination allows her to attack twice per round, either with two huge axes or two thrown rocks.

CE; M:20; AC:5; HD:11d8; hp:57; DEX:16; AT:5d6 (x2)

Thrown rocks to 200’, 2d6+2 damage in 10’radius.
Sack made of halfling-foot fur containing 2,000gp.