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2019 proved to be a difficult year for various reasons – the political situation in Hong Kong and my Real Life responsibility for 150 undergraduate students who are generally unhappy with the former were not conducive to getting much done in the way of writing. However, by way of a winter break locked into my study, it looks like BLUEHOLME™ Explorer Encounters will finally be winging its electronic way to backers sometime in March. It’ll take that long because the artists are just that good – I can’t expect them to drop everything and get going on my stuff right away!

What do explorers encounter in the Known World of BLUEHOLME™? Well, beyond the usual wanderers generated through the tables in the rulebook, Explorer Encounters introduces a variety of tricks and traps to spice up your adventure design. There are also new and unusual treasures, some mundane and some magical – and not all entirely benign. Last but not least, there are 84 unique encounters with nice, nasty, and/or neutral characters of many species and vocations.

Speaking of art, although there will be lots from the “old stalwarts”, here’s a teaser sketch by a talented artist new to BLUEHOLME™: Teresa Guido … though most murder hobos adventurer explorers should hope they never meet the Goblin King! Hopefully there will be more of her work in future publications, and hopefully the latter part of 2020 will see more publications from Dreamscape Design.