Dreamscape Design crafts the finest table top role-playing games for your discerning diversion:

  • RetroQuest II is an OGL system reference document for the second edition of everyone’s favourite percentile roleplaying game available on the Downloads section of this website.
  • BLUEHOLME™ Prentice Rules is a retro-clone of the “Holmes” edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game, available on DriveThru RPG, and now in hard copy from Lulu.
  • BLUEHOLME™ Journeymanne Rules takes the game up to level 20 with all the spells, creatures, and magic items you could want. It also includes all-new original artwork! Available in PDF from DriveThru RPG and in print-on-demand from Lulu.
  • BLUEHACK™ is the “Holmes” take on minimalist role-playing based on The Black Hack. Available in PDF from DriveThru RPG and in print-on-demand from Lulu

Products in the works include:

  • The AEON:engine™ is a completely new percentile system inspired by everyone’s favourite basic role-playing system, designed to be easily adaptable to any setting you can imagine.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Albert Martí said:

    My name is Albert Marti. I’m a freelance illustrator, concept artist and professional cartoonist. Mi query is the following: I am interested in sending some samples of my artwork and final arts to Dreamscape Design, and the links of my two web sites and my professional references. To send final artworks all those artists and illustrators interested, my question is … How I can send you my samples of arts and illustrations ?.
    Greetings and thanks for your time

  2. VOID RPG Admin said:

    Very excited to see what you are doing here!

  3. Hi Albert, you can go to the newly created Contact Page (thanks for reminding me!):


    I look forward to seeing your work! 🙂

  4. Kristian Haller said:

    Is Blueholme Compleat and Blueholme Journeymanne the same product?

  5. Hi Kristian – thanks for your comment, it reminded me to update this long-out-of-date page! Journeymanne is kind of like Compleat … basically, Compleat was the original idea for the rulebook which would have included a host of sub-classes like witches, paladins, samurai, and the like. But the project simply got too big, so I switched to the more manageable Journeymanne edition, with just the four basic classes but a way to joint them up them in any combination. You can read more about the original decision in this post: https://dreamscapedesign.net/2016/03/26/blueholme-journeymanne/

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