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  1. Charles Barchuk said:

    Hey there, I realized I had an older version of BlueHack so disregard my 2nd question. But after going through and generating a party some other questions did come up:
    (I asked some of these questions on drivethrurpg but wasn’t sure if that was the best place to post.) So I’m going to just compile all my questions here.

    1. Under the attacking, defending, and taking damage section of page 3 it states

    “When someone attacks your character, you must make a STR roll versus a melee attack and a DEX roll versus a ranged attack to avoid taking damage, ADDING THE OPPONENT’S HD TO THE ROLL.” Is this die roll in addition to any dice rolled for Powerful Enemies?

    2. Under the Cleric, Fighter/Magic User, and Magician class it shows attack damage reduction for halflings. I assume it’s a typo but just wanted to clarify that halflings can’t be any of those classes correct?

    3. Can a level 1 Magician continue to cast her only level 1 spell over and over as long as she doesn’t fail her INT roll? So spells cast aren’t lost? If you make the INT roll you can continue to cast that same spell over and over right?

    4. Is Wisdom or Dexterity rolled to determine surprise?

    5. Does a Cleric, when rolling to turn undead, need to make a roll for each group of undead? This sentence threw me…”They must successfully roll against their WIS for EACH group of creatures they are attempting to banish.”

    6. Sneak attack damage is 2d6+thief HD. Does the HD mean another d6 so 2d6+1d6?

    7. Should Flask of Oil, Holy Water, Water Skin, Silver Arrows have a usage die attached to them?

    8. Can you buy more than one torch? I know that’s a stupid question…lol

    I hope that’s it. Sorry for writing all of this. I just want to make sure I’m understanding everything correctly.


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